Brands of Custom Gaskets for Hobbs, Odessa & Midland, TX
Lone Star Gasket & Supply has developed solid relationships with some of the best manufacturers of compressor valve gaskets in the business.
This is how Lone Star Gasket can get the parts YOU need and depend on. We could probably save a buck or two by offering you generic parts, but why take a chance of sacrificing the good of your project by using subpar products?
Lone Star Gasket would rather invest in our customers, so we are known for quality and honesty every step of the way. From custom gaskets to custom molded parts, we offer only the best. These are the brands Lone Star Gasket recommends and YOU can expect to see:
  • Loctite®
  • Lamons
  • 3M®
  • Thermoseal/Klinger
  • S.E.P.C.P.O.
  • Garlock
  • Hallite
  • Durabla
  • Krylon®
  • Parco®
  • Dow Corning®
  • Leader Gasket
  • Interface Solutions
  • Flexitallic
  • Parker
  • Pallmetto
  • Jet-lube®
  • Edge Eyewear®
  • Spec Seals
We are proud to serve Abilene, Big Spring, Andrews, TX and more. Call us at 855-237-5567 today!

We supply the best custom molded parts and compressor valve gaskets on the market!